Wow! Lucky!

Just tuned back into the bear center site in Minneapolis figuring my bears would surely be out of hibernation by now.  Imagine my surprise when a huge black bear wandered in front of the camera.  I frowned wondering how it could be possible that Ted grew all his hair back and looked so young this year – then it hit me, that was Lucky I was watching.

Talk about a major difference in appearance from one year to the next! Last year he was rather scrawny and looked the part of the bear cub – today he is huge both in size and breadth.  So beautiful!  What a good-looking bear!

I’ve started watching my web cams again after being absent for a month or so.  I would check in but didn’t put them on regularly because it seemed like the lion cubs never grew.  I figured a bit of an absence would change my perspective and boy did it! They are also quite grown!  I expected that but I didn’t even think about Lucky getting so big.  Wow, I’m amazed.

Am I a bit strange for wanting to go hug the polar bears? They look like they could use a good hug.  I bet their fur is soft.  I suppose it would give new meaning to “bear hug”.


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