Tornado Warning

The emergency sirens keep going off to remind us that we are under a tornado warning for another 20 minutes.  Like I didn’t get that the first two times, plus the warning that popped up on my computer, plus the Hawk Alert work put out (good job Tom).  Leave us alone now so we can enjoy the weather – I can’t hear the thunder over those sirens.

Oh sure, we are supposed to take cover and all that but please, the tornado isn’t coming anywhere near me – it is almost 50 miles to the south of us.  I want to enjoy the severe storms that are suppose to be coming – at least those look like they will actually hit us. 

Everything is dead outside – no breeze blowing, no birds chirping, nothing.  People were milling about but after the third time the sirens went off, they all got scared and went indoors.  “Surely if the sirens go off THREE times, the tornado must be coming our way” my beleaguered neighbor proclaimed as she bustled inside.  Yeah, whatever.  Now they are going off for the FOURTH time – does that mean its already hit us and we just didn’t notice? Or perhaps this is the rapture – just a day late.

Stupid sirens.


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