Winter Moon

Finished the book “Winter Moon” by Dean Koontz this afternoon.  I started the book weeks ago but decided it was too boring to continue at that time so I put it away.  Decided to finish it today but have to admit it was hard to wade through.  definitely not one of my favorite – probably one of my least favorite of his.

The book is about an alien that is much like a blob.  It comes from outer space through a dimensional gateway with the sole purpose of devouring every living thing in its path.  According to it, no other species has resisted its ability until it encountered humans.  Trying to understand, it inhabits the body of different creatures to study people from a distance.

Once it feels like it knows humans enough, it tries to take over a little house out in the Montana countryside where a man, his wife, his child and his dog live.  They, of course, put up a fight and defeat the entity.  It doesn’t even come for the humans until the last few chapters – which is probably why the book was so boring.

I have to say, I am glad this wasn’t the first book I ever read of Koontz’s because I would not have read any others.


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