He comes, he goes…

My neighbor comes and goes all damn day.  He doesn’t have a job so he sits around the apartment he shares with his girlfriend.  It makes me nuts.  I can’t tie the dogs out because he doesn’t like it.  So I hear him leave and put them out quickly only for him to be back in ten minutes so I bring them back in.  Then he is home for 10 ro 15 minutes and leaves again but comes back again in another 10 minutes or so.  It gets very, very old. 

I can’t abide by a man who doesn’t have a job – it is not manly at all.  I don’t care if he can afford to sit on his ass all the time, men need a purpose whether it is a job that pays him or volunteer work.  I know what you are thinking – you are thinking I’m sexist – that if it were a woman sitting around all the time I wouldn’t care.

Well…maybe that is true.  Maybe I am old-fashioned enough to believe men should be the bread winners or at least have jobs to contribute money to the household.  Men who are lazy are so unattractive to me.  Women at least clean and keep the house up if they are home all the time – they also are primary care givers for the children in the house (if there are any).  I can’t abide by women who sit around doing nothing but watching tv while living in extreme filth – that is just disgusting.

Oh well – call me old-fashioned, guess it is inevitable that everyone gets called that eventually.  We grow up, mature and see life through wiser eyes – but to the twenty-somethings who think they have it all together and know so much, we are old-fashioned.  It is as assured as when you are in your thirties, you think how stupid you really were in your twenties.  In your forties you laugh at the ridiculous things you thought in your thirties.  I imagine when I’m in my fifties, I will roll my eyes and shake my head at the things I was pretty sure of in my forties.  My son is 31 and already scoffs at what he thought he knew in his twenties.

He was ready in his mid to late twenties to be a father and husband but that didn’t work out.  He would have a three year old now if his then girlfriend hadn’t lost the baby.  He really wants children, loves children – I hope he can settle down soon and have a few. 

But this isn’t about my son – it is about my neighbor who makes me nuts.  I hope I get to move this year – but if not, I certainly hope they do.  Actually had the thought this morning that maybe I would stay another year here…scary.  If I did, I would tear out the carpet and use area rugs.  They are going to have to replace the carpet when I leave anyway and I absolutely hate the stuff.  Sigh.

I actually have no excuse for not having people over – though I claim my apartment is too small.  I do have an eating area in my kitchen that could easily sit six people.  My living room is small but if I had more chairs, it would be doable.  But I think not – I think I need a bigger place with a yard, deck, fireplace, dishwasher, laundry outlets, etc.  Not sure I will get one, but that is what I want.  🙂


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