I really should be doing laundry – it needs to be done…well, doesn’t “need” done but could be done.  There is only one load so should do it now…I hate laundry and so miss having my own washer/dryer.

Maybe I need to eat – my stomach keeps growling and I have a headache – usually signs that I’m hungry yet I don’t feel like eating.  Right now I would say I am kind of down – kind of blah – kind of blue.

I don’t know why but assume it has something to do with the dream that woke me.  I don’t remember what I was dreaming about – something about babies – but I felt very sad in my dream and woke feeling this way.  I imagine reading about the stupid woman who threw her newborn baby into the garbage chute is what did it to me – thank god the infant lived even after being dropped down 8 stories.  How anyone can do such a thing to a child makes me sick to my stomach.  God, life is hard enough without having your mom try to kill you when you finally come out to greet the world.  Mom’s are supposed to cuddle and love their children – I will never get it and it hurts my heart terribly.

They charged the mother with attempted murder but I bet she finds some sympathetic judge who says it was postpartum depression – that she wasn’t really at fault for her actions and should just get a slap on the wrist, maybe a few years of probation.  Then they will give the baby to someone else in the family who will give it right back to this woman for her to continue to abuse the rest of it’s young life.  Sick.  I know I sound cynical but I’ve heard about it happening like this too many times to delude myself.

Whoever came up with the notion that children need their parents even when those parents are abusive, drug addicts, alcoholics, was a moron who obviously came from a loving family.  If that were true, that children are better off with family, then why do we have so many that are killed, raped, tortured by their parents? SOME PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE PARENTS!


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