Boredom is so boring

I am here at work and I must say, it has been a rather boring evening.  We expected it to be slow but this is ridiculous.  I haven’t seen it this slow since this time last year – I don’t like it like this.

Through my “windows” to the outer world, I can see it is raining again.  I hope it keeps it up till I get up from sleeping later.  Love falling asleep to the sound of rain.

I am starving hungry.  I had a sandwich at 9pm but am hungry already again – irritates me.  Thought that sandwich would last me till I got up from sleeping but I can see that it won’t.  Unless I want to faint, I suppose I will have to eat before I go to bed.  Hate doing that but I don’t have anything now and am feeling it – have a headache and feel weak.  I know! It seems impossible that I could feel this way after just eating at 9pm!  That is only 8 hours ago!!!

I tried to get an officer to run to the gas station for some fritos but none of them want to get out in the rain.  I can’t blame them – I wouldn’t want to either.


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