Things for Thursday

So I managed to get in almost 6 hours of sleep today – though the last two were restless and I woke up several times.  The dogs were bothering me too though I hadn’t put the gate up for them to have to stay in the bedroom.  I suppose I should have gated them out like I did yesterday but they both like sleeping next to me and I figure as much as I’m gone, I shouldn’t deny them this chance at bonding.

Made lasgna for lunch and now should go take the dogs for a walk but I don’t feel like it.  I know it is a beautiful day out there but my sinus is stuffed, my eyeballs hurt, and my foot is swollen a bit.  The foot is my fault – I forgot to take the anti-inflamatories yesterday so by the end of the night, the foot was very painful.  To try to make it feel better, I started carefully stretching it but ended up doing more harm than good.  Stretching it is what injured it to begin with. 

Wow, it is almost 7 pm – I have to be to work at 9 – the time sure does go by quickly.

I had more to write but I no longer feel like it so guess I will see about writing more later.

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