I think I know the answer

I have been wondering why it is that this apartment depresses me 8 months out of the year and then doesn’t during the four months of summer.  I think I finally figured it out and it is such an easy answer that it makes me feel stupid I didn’t think of it earlier.

When the weather starts to turn chilly, I change curtains in the living room to insulated curtains to try to keep the cold air out.  The curtains make the living room very dark and gloomy which in turn makes me depressed.  Usually the start of April, I change the curtains to the sheers which let in a lot more light – my mood changes then from hating the place to thinking it isn’t that bad.  I need the light.

Yes, I should have figured that out when I went to stark white lights in the living room because it lifted my mood more than the soft ones.  So if I stay this year, I’m not going to go to the darker curtains – I’m going to keep sheers on year round.  What I will do instead is buy some of that privacy window tinting that allows light to come in but makes it so people can’t see in.  You often see it in bathrooms – almost looks like etched glass but it is usually a sticker thing.

I will use the same stuff in the bedroom and get rid of those dark curtains as well.  Yes, you would think I would want to keep them so I could sleep but I like the light coming in more.

The other thing is that here I have a yard I can tie the dogs out in plus my own little spot for flowers – I don’t have that elsewhere unless I pay a lot for a duplex.  I’m not saying I won’t move – I haven’t decided yet – but at least I can take steps to like it here more if I decide to stay.

A two bedroom here would be nice too – they are so much bigger than my apt.


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