Happy Memorial Day 2011!!

Wow, it is Memorial Day already…how can that be? How can this year be flying by so quickly??? I don’t think I like it.  It needs to slow down a bit, especially on my days off.  Before we know it, at this rate, it will be Christmas again!

Well, what to do today.  I wanted to go put roses on Mom’s, Grandma Hestness’s, and Grandma Morely’s graves – the three women who molded me as I grew.  I owe these women a lot, but they are long gone so all I can do is pay homage to their graves.

Should take the dogs on a long walk but am waiting for my son to get back to me on whether he wants me to pick him up at 6:00 pm for supper.  If he does then we will walk around here – if he doesn’t then maybe we will go to the river trail.  I want to hit the gym yet too.  Oh, he just wrote back and said that was a good idea so guess the dogs and I will walk around here.

The temp says it is 88 degrees but feels like 90’s.  I’m thinking I might go sit outside to tan a bit.  Outdoor pools opened today – not that I go to any of them though.  I do have to say, I miss the pool in FL.  I loved how the whole thing was 6ft or deeper except for a couple lanes on one end which was about 3 ft for children.  It was not meant for little, little children – it was meant so parents would have to watch their kids rather than dropping them off while they go swim in the deep end.  The pool was just for laps.

Here laps are secondary to the children playing – there are limited hours when lap swimming without children is available to adults.  I don’t like that.  Of course, in FL so many people had their own pools or complex pools that a place for children to go was less of a need.   Here there is one outdoor pool in Iowa City and one in North Liberty – there is one in West Liberty too if someone wanted to drive that far.

I can’t decide if I want to take the dogs for a walk first or hit the gym.  I don’t even know for sure if the gym is open today – it is often closed on holidays.  Maybe I will call first rather than just drive over there and hope. 

I hope restaurants are open later for supper.  Wonder where my child will want to go? It is kind of ironic that when he was growing up I couldn’t get him to eat Chinese food for anything and now he loves the stuff.  I bet it is where he wants to go today which is, of course, fine with me.  I know I sound like a pushover where he is concerned – going where he wants – but that is only because I know he won’t want to go somewhere that I don’t like so it never matters to me.  It is his company that makes the time special.

We will spend a couple hours together, then I will run home to walk the dogs again before work.  I’m sure you can see why I’m not taking the dogs in to the river trail now – I’m not making three trips in one day.

Pandora isn’t doing so well today in playing what I want to hear – what is up with that? I had to switch stations to try to get more of what I’m in the mood for.

Oh well, guess I’m rambling so should get busy doing something.  Everyone please be safe out there! This is one of those holidays that promotes drinking – whether at a picnic or out on a boat – so drive with care.


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