A Necessary Evil

This book is the 5th or 6th book in the Maggie O’Dell series by Alex Kava.  I was delighted to say I had forgotten the ending so was quite amused at it once again.  I remembered who the killers were but that was it.

So in this chapter of Maggie’s life as an FBI profiler she is confronted with the brutal deaths of several priests.  Mixed in is a parallel story of women also being murdered.  Because they have few leads, the FBI decides to make a deal with Maggie’s old nemesis, Father Keller, who liked to murder little boys but who was never caught. 

The story is well defined and endears Maggie O’Dell, Julia Racine, and Gwen Patterson to the reader more than the other books – if that is possible.  Though this isn’t the end of Maggie’s trials – book 9 will be out soon – it is the last I will be reading until then.  The next ones are still fresh enough in my mind that I don’t need to re-read them now.

My next book will be John Sandford’s newest “prey” book and then I will go back to Tess Gerritsen for a bit.  I’m not sure if I will start with another Maura Isles/Jane Rizzoli story or one of Gerritsen’s stand alone books like “The Bone Garden”.

I must say, I love my Nook and having all my books right at my fingertips.  It is so awesome!  🙂

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