Good News!!

National Zoo has received a new female Sumatran Tiger! I went to the website to see pictures and she is beautiful! I sure hope we get to see baby tigers running around in the near future!  She comes from the San Diego Safari Park because the National Zoo is so successful in breeding large cats.  There are less than 3500 tigers in the wild at this point.  Contrary to popular belief, zoo’s do not take animals out of the wild for their displays – the animals are born in captivity.  The National Zoo is very active with conservation of the tigers in the wild and by working closely with other countries and naturalists, it is hoped that the number of tigers in the wild will double by the year 2022.

Also making their debut are a breeding pair of Asian small-clawed otters – the zoo keepers hope to have babies running around in the Fall.  According to the article, otters breeding in captivity often fails to produce offspring so will have to see how the new pair does.

The female panda’s are both due soon – we are keeping our fingers crossed for twins from at least one of the pandas.  Twins in the wild rarely survive but the zoo has a contingency plan in place in case it happens in captivity. 

Now if my polar bear out in San Diego could get pregnant, I would be ecstatic! I hope to go visit all my animals someday – it would be wonderful to see them in person instead of through a webcam.


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