Not seeing her

I’ve been watching the tiger cam for a little while but have yet to see the new tiger which is a bit disappointing but I’m sure I will see her eventually.  Tigers are so elusive and blend in so well that sometimes they are in the bushes and I don’t see them until they move.

Went to the gym and had a nice hard workout – harder than I thought I would considering I haven’t eaten yet today.  I have to admit, I’m getting a little shaky so need to eat soon. 

The dogs, of course, want to go out for another walk – I swear they never get satisfied for long without one.  I keep telling them they are INSIDE dogs but they don’t seem to agree.  Told them I’m going to trade them in for a different model – ones that are happy to sit around doing nothing.

Taking my car in to be fixed tomorrow – I am so glad it will be done.  I thought it was a lot worse than what it was so it is going to be a little bit cheaper but not by much.  I plan to get the oil changed too since it is cheaper than I thought and I allocated this much money to car repairs.  Next month I hope to get four new tires – it will cost me about $400 to get the ones I want but my car will ride much smoother.

Wish I had more exciting stuff to write about but I don’t – hanging out reading and watching tv.  I’m reading another Tess Gerritsen one.  I was going to read the next John Sandford one but this one caught my attention so figured I’d read it first.

Well, I need to start something for supper.  I hate to eat because it seems like I’m undoing my hard workout but what do I do?  🙂


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