Ah jeez…what a day

This day has not been going as well as I had hoped.  I got up early to go to the doctor only to find my appointment is at 3:30 instead of 9:30 so I had to reschedule because I don’t know if my car will be done in time.  On the way I put $43 worth of gas in my car…43!!!  I have a small 12 gallon tank!

Ran to Walmart because I figured I could get in and out in no time during the day rather than fight the Friday night crowds later.  I didn’t even buy everything on my list – no groceries what-so-ever – and it still came to $100.  How is that possible? I look at what I got and am just amazed how much stuff costs.

I didn’t get anything cool or fun either – I wanted to buy two plants at a cost of $26 but I refrained because I don’t want to spend much money until the car is paid for.  The plants are exactly what I am looking for so it was difficult to turn down but I did.

I get home and dump the stuff in the living room, pick up the dogs and run my car over to get fixed.  We got there and I dropped off the keys.  Well, I put the keys on the countertop while I talked to the guy, meaning to take the house key off but then he grabbed up the keys and I walked away without doing it.  The car keys are on their own ring so it isn’t a big deal to disconnect them from the house keys…I just forgot.

The dogs and I walked the mile home in the 90 degree heat with no shade only to realize when I got here that I had forgotten to take the house key off.  Not knowing what else to do – our maintenance man has a key but he is off for a long weekend out of town – I broke into the bedroom window.  This required removing the screen from the outside – no easy feat – but I managed to do it and climbed in knocking over a lot of shit that was in the way.  Now I can’t get the screen to go back on – go figure.  I worked with it until I was a mass of sweat and decided “fuck it” and propped it in there the best I could. 

I shut the bedroom door which then doesn’t allow Isabel access to her food and water – I should put her in there so she could but it is so damn hot in there it doesn’t seem right.  I’d leave the door open but obviously can’t when the window won’t close due to the screen not being in right.  She likes to sit in the living room window and watch the bird feeder anyway.

Now I am sitting here trying to cool off so that I can get some cleaning done around the house.  The dogs are panting away because they are hot too – they wanted to swim in the creek but I wouldn’t let them.  I want to get them a small pool but doubt my landlords would appreciate it.

What is also very frustrating is knowing I have to walk the mile back to the car place when they call to say my car is done.  Why couldn’t today be a cloudy day???  Also, how am I going to lock my apartment without a key?? I am going to have to leave it unlocked and leave the dogs out of their kennel so they will deter anyone from coming in.  Ugh.


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