Bone Garden

I finished this book that I started yesterday by Tess Gerritsen.  Yes, I have read it before and have a previous review of it somewhere in my blog.  It was as good the second time as the first.

The story is about Rose, a young woman who lived in the early 1800’s.  Her sister gives birth to a baby girl, Meggie, and then dies of fever leaving Rose to care for the infant.  What worries Rose is that there are so many others interested in the baby girl, she fears for very sinister reasons. 

Amidst her struggle as a poor irish girl of 17, Rose hides Meggie away.  There are several deaths involved from a caped villain who always wears a mask – a villain bent on getting their hands on Rose and the child.

Fast forward to current day where a young woman buys an old ancestral home that belonged to the descendents of Rose and Meggie.  While digging up the back yard to restore the gardens, Julia runs across a set of buried bones dating back to Rose’s time.

As she struggles to learn the truth about Rose and Meggie’s fate, Julia meets her true love.  There is the faintest hint in the story that Julia is Rose reincarnated and her true love is Rose’s true love, Norris.  That is a small side issue.

The real story lies with Rose and Norris as they struggle to find their way in a world so different from ours.  I get so caught up in their story that I find Julia’s insignificant in comparison.  I am not one who likes historical literature on a regular basis but this story kept me captivated.   It is not a book in the Rizzoli and Isles though the latter does make a brief appearance. 

Gerritsen weaves a wonderful story that leaves you wish it wouldn’t end.  Definitely worth the read.


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