Perfect Nightmare

Started and finished this book tonight (this morning).  It is one of John Saul’s that I had read a couple of years ago but re-read tonight.

The book is about a masked man who attends open houses to find pretty young girls – teenagers – to abduct.  He then keeps them in a dungeon to play with them until they are starved down to nothing. 

Saul does a good job keeping a person interested and drawn into the horror the family goes through as they search for their child.  You almost have to feel sorry for the masked man for the things he endured as a child himself but you can’t quite get there because he is so evil.

Even though the story concludes well, I still think about that family and how their lives (had they been real) would never be the same – they were nearly destroyed.  I read the book thinking that there really are people out there like this masked man, wreaking utter ruin to many females and families.  Normally when I read, I try not to think of it that way because it cuts me too deeply but it was hard not to be in that frame of mind while reading this one. 

The books that have gore and grisly murders I can usually dismiss in my mind because I find it harder to believe that there is such an evil in this world.  The ones that are more subtle, more intimate – those are the ones that bother me.

All in all, it was a good book.  🙂


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