Body Double

Just finished this one by Tess Gerritsen – have one more of hers to read this month and then will have to buy more or wait till next month. 

In Body Double, Maura finds that she had a twin sister who was murdered on her way to see Maura.  Maura had been adopted as a child so had no idea she had a twin or even who her real mother was.  In her case, the mother turns out to be a monster of a woman.

At the same time as Maura and Jane are trying to figure out who killed Maura’s sister, a maniac is kidnapping pregnant women to harvest the babies for the black market.  This had been going on for decades but no one had seen the pattern because the killer switches geographical locations every few months. 

Eventually Maura and Jane figure out that the two cases are interlinked and race against time to save the latest victim – a woman 9 months pregnant who was kidnapped from her home.

The book is a good one though I must admit it gets a little slow in the middle.  This series starts on TNT soon – characters based from these books.  I am thinking about getting cable back so would probably tape it or something but I can’t believe the shows could be as good as the books.


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