No good news

When I jumped on the internet this afternoon my email service advised I had 33 messages.  I was excited and elated, wondering what wonderful things my family and friends had written me.

Unfortunately, it was mostly facebook stuff so ended up deleting it all.  I had one actual email from my sister – that was it.  Not that I’m complaining – but I thought I must have more emails since the total number was so high.

Got on the AP News service and saw they still haven’t found that missing college girl in Indiana.  It makes me think of all the young women here who walk around at night after drinking more than a little.  Do they not understand how dangerous it can be? We all think “it won’t happen here” but it only takes once for it to taint the University.  It really is better to walk with friends, get a cab, or not go downtown at all.

Well, I’m going to jump in the shower.  Am meeting my son in an hour to go out for dinner (my breakfast).  I want to go out for mexican food but he may want chinese again.  I’m trying to get him to meet me for lunch and a movie tomorrow since he can’t do a movie today but not sure he will be able to do it.  I figured we could eat at the mall then and hit a movie like Pirates or Hangover 2 or Xmen even.  Guess we shall see.

I ordered four posters at $5 a piece on Monday and they arrived today.  The UPS man rang the door bell so woke me up after less than 2 hours of sleep.  The dogs seemed to think that meant that I should get up for the day but I went back to bed.  It took a little bit but then I fell back to sleep and slept till 2pm. 

The posters are going to be taped to my windows in the zone where someone might be able to walk by and glance in.  Right now I have sheers up and I have seen people pause at my window to look in so I want something there that prohibits that.  Sure they could still see in if they got up close to the window – but that is pretty obvious and I don’t think any of them would.  I think it is more curiosity than anything – they see my tv going and pause to check out what I’m watching or whatever.  However, it still gives me the creeps.


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