Black Lightning

by John Saul.  Started this book earlier because I needed to distract myself from myself.  I have read it before – I have read all of Saul’s books.  I can’t say it was any better or worse than the first time – it is kind of an old plot.

In the story a serial killer is being electrocuted and have the continent away a man is having a heart attack.  It happens that the man dies for 2 minutes at the same time the killer does – then both wake up in the man’s body.

As the struggle commences for control over the body, the killings start to pile up.  The killer knows that his time in the body is limited – that even though he was getting stronger, he wouldn’t be able to keep the police from closing in on him so he plans a grand finale that includes his teenage daughter.

Caught up in the story is the man’s wife – a reporter who did everything in her power to make sure the serial killer was put to death – and the detective who helped catch the killer.  The two work together again to try and figure out what is happening.

It was an alright book – I can’t help but wonder if the husband entered the body of the detective via a bolt of lightning there at the end as well but Saul just hinted at the possibility.


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