Lupper (lunch & supper)

I can’t decide if I should say it was brunch or lupper.  I met my son and his girlfriend Lily at 5pm for food.  As it was the first time I ate today, would that be breakfast, lunch or supper? Considering I haven’t eaten since, maybe it was brunper…though couldn’t say how to pronounce that.

I’m exhausted and thinking about going to bed now.  According to the temperature gauge it is 72 degrees outside – I’m debating turning off my a/c.  My concern is that it isn’t breezy enough and it could feel rather humid out…humidity is at 84% and climbing.  We are under a severe weather statement for another 10 minutes.

I had the windows open so I could listen to the storm – we had hail twice – and I started to sweat so figure I should leave the a/c on.  I’m a wimp, I hate humidity.

Had a great time at lunch – we talked about old movies and those who remake them…specifically True Grit, Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. 

Well, my eyes are watering so it must mean it is time to take my contacts out.  Think I’ll go to bed too.  Ran into on of my neighbors earlier who has a new puppy – a Puggle – so I let Bennie run around with it for a while playing.  They got along well and the puppy is so damn adorable.  I am not a big person on socializing and really have difficulty with people who share very personal stuff with me when I barely know them.  I don’t, in fact, even know her name.  How can people talk about such things with a total stranger?


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