Should I?

Should I start laundry even though my son said maybe we’d go to an “early” movie today? I am not sure what “early” means to him but I’m guess the one around 1pm so he can have the rest of the day to do other things.  He said he was going to be up at 7am this morning because some new stock hit the market that he wanted in on.  I can’t remember what company it was – I know Pandora goes on the market next Wednesday he said.

I imagine he went back to bed after buying stocks.  I know he doesn’t go to bed early at night – four in the morning is not unusual – so doubt he stayed up at 7 am.  I don’t really care about a movie anyway but spending my time with my child would be nice.

For his birthday this year, I am helping him go down to see the last space shuttle launch.  It is important to him to be a part of this time in history – he wants to see it all for himself so he can tell his grandchildren that he saw it.  I am excited about it even though I’m not going.  He is going with his “adopted” father, Eric – I’m not sure who adopted whom but it doesn’t matter – they get along great and Eric has been there for him numerous times.  It will be Eric’s first plane ride and the first time he has seen the ocean so that will be another adventure for them both.  They already have a motel on the beach waiting for them.

Took the dogs for a walk and sure enough, out comes my neighbor with her new puppy.  He is a great puppy – a Puggle as I’m sure I mentioned yesterday – but I didn’t feel like standing there shooting the shit with her.  However, Bennie wanted to play so I put up with it for about fifteen minutes.  Baxter would only growl at the puppy every time it came near him – he is being anti-social today, not sure why.

Well, I can guess – he is jealous that Bennie plays with the puppy.  I think this because any time Bennie got away from the puppy, Baxter would chase Bennie like they normally play but the minute Bennie went back near the puppy, Baxter would come over and sit down beside me.

I wish we had a dog park on the complex but I know that will never happen.  It isn’t that the landlord is anti-dog because he isn’t – it is because it would be a pain in the ass for the maintenance man to get into a fenced area to mow. 

You know, every since I learned that my landlord has been in Joplin, MO for the past month working with the Red Cross to help people after the major tornado flattened the city, I have a new respect for the man.  With that new respect also comes a fresh look at my apartment and complex.

I tend to stereotype landlords into people who just want money and who will do everything that needs done the cheapest way possible.  Bill is different.  He actually cares about the people living in his complex…at least he does the elderly folks here.  The place is very nicely landscaped, has two gazebos for people to gather to visit, has two laundromats, and is kept up by the maintenance man.  Every Thanksgiving, HyVee caters in a dinner for everyone who wants to attend, all paid for by Bill.  How many other complexes do that?

Granted, I have yet to go to a dinner party but you know what? The maintenance man puts a plate in my refrigerator every year so I won’t miss out.  How sweet is that? Suddenly I feel rather ashamed of all the whining I’ve done about the place – they do spoil us here.  That doesn’t mean I still don’t hope to move next year but it does make me not so down about staying another year.

I’m going to plant hostas under my window – I’ve tried other stuff but nothing lives so maybe hostas will.  I really, really wanted a flowering bush like azaleas or petunias but oh well.  I would love to have a jasmine vine but I know that won’t happen until I get my place.  Love the scent of jasmine when I sit outside and miss my condo in FL where I had a wonderful vine growing.

I think one of the things I hate most about my apartment is the carpet.  It is so dingy looking and was even when it was new.  It always looks dirty to me and that I can’t stand.  OK, the dust, spiders, how small it is, and plumbing issues also are issues but I think I can stay here another year.  I also think I might rip out the carpet around the dining area.  Will have to see what Bill says about me tiling it.

Could have had one load done by now if I had started laundry back when I started this.  LOL.  Keep getting interrupted.


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