Why do people mow their grass in between rainstorms? Are they afraid it is going to get so long as to be out of control when the next rain stops? Plus, doesn’t the wet grass cling to the mower blades? Seems silly to me.

Why do my neighbors come out to visit with me every time I step outside? Not my closest neighbors but others in the complex? Do I appear to be a social person? If so, how can I change that? I can’t even go out anymore without a bra because someone is bound to stop and talk to me and it makes me embarrassed.

Why does growing old mean you have to have so many aches and pains? Where is the benefit other than you become wiser with age? I think there should be more of an upside – like your nails stop growing so you don’t have to keep clipping them or your allergies go away or you get ESP…something other than arthritis, sagging skin, aching muscles, worse eyesight…ugh.

Why do my dogs have to follow me around everywhere I go when I’m home? They act like they are expecting something from me but I have no idea what.  I’ve played with them, walked them, fed them, made sure their water bowl is full…I don’t know what else to do.  They sleep whenever I sit down but jump up the moment I get up to do anything.

Why does Isabel think she has to sit on my computer? I tell her “no” about 50 times a day but yet she keeps doing it.  My dogs know the meaning of no – they almost always obey me when I say it but she acts indifferent and like she somehow doesn’t have to play by the rules.

Why won’t it storm some more???


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