Icing the foot

Whacked my foot something awful a bit ago – the one I am going to see a specialist about on Monday – talk about pain! I have it propped up now and am icing it in hope it starts to feel better.  I hope it does soon.

My whole foot aches – this is damn ridiculous!  Hate when I do stupid things and this was plain stupid.  I was backing in the door from sweeping the sidewalk and forgot about the threshold.  I smacked it so damn hard I was crying. 

Guess I was writing on this huh? Have been icing my foot – it still hurts but not as bad as it did so that is good.  Have to go to work here before long – where did my days off go?

Am planning on making spaghetti for supper – that is the plan now but will have to see if I change my mind after I take a quick nap. 

Boy, Bennie stinks.  He just has to role in gross things and now he stinks to high heaven.  I was going to give him a bath but decided I didn’t want to mess with it tonight.  Still, he is laying on the couch about two feet away and I can still smell him – gross!!!


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