I know some people think it is silly that I watch animal cams from around the U.S.  They don’t understand the fascination or why my little window to other worlds is important to me.  When I own a house, I want to put in a video wall so I can have all six zoo cams up at the same time rather than having to surf between them…yes, they are that important.

Each camera is a look into a different realm – places that I may never get to go.  The polar bears and elephants are in San Diego – the tigers and lions are in New York – and the black bears and wolves are in Minnesota.  The latter two are probably the only ones I will get the chance to visit in person.

I am taken out of my ordinary, mundane existence to visit exotic places far away.  I get to see animals that I love and be a part, however small, of their everyday lives.  No, they don’t know I’m watching but that doesn’t matter.  They go about their lives while I watch them – watch them swim, watch them nurture their babies, watch them play with each other or by themselves, watch them as they sleep.  I’m watching over them.

Watching the animals relaxes and de-stresses me.  I would love to hug them, run my fingers through their fur or over their tough skin – of course I couldn’t do that even if I saw them in person…I’m not stupid…but my imagination is strong enough that I can almost feel them.  They are beautiful, amazing and strong creatures – one has to feel a sense of awe and reverence when watching them. 

I love going to the zoo – I wish we had a better one here in Iowa.  Not that Blank is horrible – it isn’t – but it is way too small.  I want a huge one within a few hours drive from my house.  The closest is Omaha and while a lot of people say it is a fantastic zoo, I am disappointed in that they don’t have zoo cams.  How big can they be if they don’t provide windows into their world?

My son goes, hopefully, to Florida in July to see the last shuttle take off.  I am thinking that I might take those 3 days off to go to Wisconsin and Minnesota to see the Milwaukee zoo and go to Ely, MN to see both the black bears and the wolves.  It is just a thought now.  My son might need me to take them to Chicago for their flight – if that is the case, then maybe I will spend the 3 days there going to the museums and zoo.  I know I need to go somewhere to lose myself for a while.


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