Cloudy with chances of clouds

It is cloudy again today – suppose to stay cloudy all night and then have the chance of more clouds tomorrow.  Wish it would storm.  Why can’t it storm???

Work was busy last night which is good.  I worked with my trainee, Sara, and was overall happy with her efforts at keeping up.  She would have done very well if the officers had cooperated more but that is neither here nor there.  A dispatcher will always have one or two officers that make their shift challenging.

Got right to sleep at 8 am when I was done walking the dogs their mile walk.  It was a mistake to walk that far with my foot but oh well, such is life.  Woke up at 9:30 am and again at 12:30 – got up for good at 3 pm after laying in bed a while wondering what it was I was supposed to be doing today.

When I got on facebook I realized the family reunion was today and I missed it.  If my alarm had gone off at 10:15 like I set it to, then I would have remembered it but since I didn’t have that reminder, I slept through it.  Oh well.  I’m sure everyone had a great time and it sounds like they had a huge turnout.  Apparently there was a band and things too??? I guess I didn’t read the information about it well enough but it wouldn’t have mattered since I had to get some sleep before work tonight so wouldn’t have stayed for it anyway.  My son wasn’t able to go either as he is at a wedding in Des Moines.

Baxter decided he didn’t like fish sticks so Bennie ate his today when I made breakfast.  I don’t know why he didn’t want the one I gave him but guess he didn’t care for the taste.  Sometimes he is such a funny dog – not funny “ha ha” but funny strange.

Looks like there won’t be an end to training any time soon since we still have two students in training status and then will have one permanent position open next month or so. 

Where does the time go? It is already after 6 pm…just amazing to me!


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