Judgement Night

I forgot how stupid this movie was.  There are several things that are really dumb about it – let me see if I can list a few:

The group of guys gets lost and all the while they have a map in their glove box.

The ghetto they run into goes on for miles and miles with no one around and no way to help…no open bars, no gas stations, etc., etc., etc., which seems a bit ridiculous to me for sure.

The guys never seem to run out of ammunition even though they are carrying a six-shooter.

The guys hang around to see different things instead of running like they are supposed to do – who stands around watching fireworks when people are chasing them? Seriously??

What moron runs out to get himself killed thinking it will save his friends? It is dumb.  Then the other guy has to run out to save him and what happens? It is a cluster.

What bad guy pulls the trigger himself? Most of the time they have triggermen for such things.

They stand around talking about what they are going to do so much that it makes a person nuts.

So there you have it – there are more things but you know I can’t write it all down cuz I have to get ready for work.  Blah.  I’m going to have to fast forward it to the end cuz I’m tired of watching it. 

P.S. – why don’t they steal a car?


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