Have been trying to stay up till at least noon – take a couple of hours nap and be up for a while again.  However, I am exhausted and sitting here trying not to nod off so think I’ll take that nap now.

I have my foot in the splint as directed by my doctor but I must say, it hurts like hell.  The splint is supposed to hold my foot at the proper angle to assure healing but it makes the whole foot hurt right up into my calf. 

Have Dreamcatcher on – it is not that good of a movie and it is only on because it was available for streaming on Netflix.  I am having it on for background noise while I went through some older short stories I had written ages ago. 

Had to shut my window and turn off the fan because I was freezing – absolutely freezing! It is mid-June and I’m freezing…how is that possible??? Makes me nuts.

Oh well – nothing is new and I want to go to sleep so guess I will.


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