Early or Late, you decide.

It is 2:33 am and I can’t help but wonder at whether that is late or early.  I have been up for a while so that would make it late…yes? But I am usually up all night so doesn’t that make it early?  I don’t know.

Just finished watching the movie “Vanishing” – it still leaves me shuddering every time.  Can people really be that evil? Kill someone to see if they have the guts to do so? Then go on with their lives without remorse, without nightmares, without a single question about their sanity?

In the movie, Jeff Bridges plays the villain Barney Cousins.  While on vacation in CA, he jumps into the water to save a little girl from drowning – not because he wanted to save the girl but because he wanted his own daughter to think him a hero.  His daughter did too.

Mr. Cousins is a science professor – one who always thinks analytically about every situation.  Thus his heroism made him question whether he was also capable of ultimate evil.  He needed to know – needed to make sure he could balance the equation between evil and good.

Thus he kidnaps and kills Sandra Bullock’s character leaving her boyfriend, Jeff, to always wonder what happened to her.  Three years goes by and Jeff still searches for Diane at every turn, he can’t help it.   Knowing that Jeff is still looking gives Barney a thrill that keeps him feeding off that one evil act for those three years.  However, Jeff meets Rita and starts to put Diane behind him.  He quits searching and Barney finds out.

Barney finds this hard to accept and needs to kill again to get back that high Jeff no longer provided.  He offers Jeff one chance to see what happened to Diane, all Jeff has to do is follow exactly in Diane’s steps.  Now, any smart person would know that this meant dying the way Diane died but Jeff is too caught up in his mental anguish to care.  He needs to know – he can’t go on with his life or marry Rita until he can close the book on Diane.

Thus begins a series of events that brings about the conclusion where we learn what did happen to Diane.  Barney wasn’t content to kill her, he didn’t think that was “ultimate evil.”

The movie is good but it again leaves me with the unsettling notion that there could actually be people out there like Barney.  People without a conscience who see only themselves and what is important to them.  The rest of us are sheep for the slaughter and they are all to willing to slaughter us.  It makes me cringe.

3:01 am — I’m beginning to yawn a little but still am too awake to go to bed yet.  Figure I’ll hit the hay around five and sleep till ten or so.  I have no idea what I will do tomorrow – probably clean.  I was writing a bit tonight but it isn’t flowing anymore – how could the writing bug only hit me for four or five hours??? I feel cheated.


One thought on “Early or Late, you decide.

  1. that movie gave me the creeps as well.
    really scary stuff.
    And I have always said movies like this or the slashers movies just give those insane creeps something to feed off of, or give them ideas.
    We do live in a very sick world.

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