I know you are dying to know what I have been doing with my day considering I have been up since midnight.  Well, not much if the truth be told.  I worked more on a story I have been playing with – not sure if it will amount to anything or not.  Amazing how editing takes so long.

Watched a couple of movies too and cleaned quite a bit.  I had more energy at 5 am then I do now at 11:50.  I know that makes sense in that I have been up longer so am running out of gas but still…that is pretty pathetic.

Laundry is in the baskets waiting for me to get up the gumption to go to the laundromat – have to admit I don’t feel much like going but I have to so I guess I will.  Plan on sitting out in the sun in a bit as well – get a little more of a tan.  I plan to be back in bed by 5 pm to sleep till 9:30…that is my goal anyway. 

Finally fixed my primary eye glasses.  They broke before I left Florida so I’ve been wearing my backup pair.  Well, thought about it today and took the five minutes needed to fix them.  They have the automatic darkening whenever I go outside – something the backup pair did not get.  I know it sounds crazy but I see better out of the primary ones even though they are the exact same prescription – I bought them both at the same time.  The frame on the primary ones is gray and the backup ones are a rose color but otherwise even the frames are identical.

My foot is about the same – still swollen, still hurts.  I wore the splint almost the entire time I was off work – getting out of it only to walk the dogs.  Doc said it would take up to two months to heal so I don’t know why I expected it to be significantly better after only two days but I did. 

I need a new coffee maker – this one isn’t working right and I’m tired of dealing with it.  Maybe the next one will be 12 cups instead of 4.  I would like a percolator but all the ones I see are way too expensive – I guess it is considered more of a novelty item now but I bet they make a better cup of coffee.  Why do I think so? Because the water is constantly being sent through the grounds rather than put in the grounds once and left to seep out slowly. 

Isabel is driving me insane again today.  She walks around meowing all the time for no reason – she has food, has water, and has the bedroom all to her self but still walks around meowing.  It makes me nuts.  I think she wants to get outside to get at the birds she sees hopping around the bird feeder but I tell her she is an indoor cat.  Besides, I like the birds which is why the feeder is there to begin with.

However, the birds were so damn loud starting around 3 am this morning that I had to close the living room window to muffle them out.  I like hearing the birds but these had to have been in the branch right outside the window because they sounded like they were in the room.

Back to work tonight.  This doesn’t disappoint me but given the headache I’ve had since yesterday, it doesn’t thrill me either.  I thought the caffeine would make it better but it hasn’t worked – neither has the Tylenol though both things have made it more manageable.  I think it is allergy related.  I don’t have a trainee tonight so can try to get a few other things done.

It is almost 80 degrees out – might have to turn on the a/c later.  Most items on my “to do” list are crossed off but laundry and vacuuming.  I really, really don’t want to go do laundry but I have no sheets clean for the bed so I guess I have to.  Ugh – I feel like I could take a nap now.  😛


2 thoughts on “Glasses

  1. Hey we have an extra coffee maker just sitting collecting dust..would you like to take it off our hands? I could bring it into work for you?!

  2. Sure! Mine hasn’t worked right since I used sugar water in it instead of plain water – I was trying to make sweet tea. LOL

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