Hold the presses

I know you are all wondering how I am doing today or what wonderful insights I might have.  Let me say up front – I have nothing to offer.  I am tired, cranky and glad as hell that I didn’t have to stay at work today when a coworker called in sick.  The person who did was not happy in the least about it but she has the next two days off so it is only logical that she stay.  I know she thought I should have to stay but I am higher up on the OT list so she was mandatoried.

I know I should feel badly about it but I don’t – I’m freaking exhausted and I don’t have anyone to run to my house to let my dogs out like she does.  Besides, I work enough OT that this kind of thing doesn’t happen to me.  Last month it was 54 hours – I’m not going to feel bad that I wanted a month of no OT to recover from all the OT then.  I’m not a big OT person and have a feeling the amount of OT available is going to go up even higher so am relaxing while I can.

It is after 9 am and I suppose I should think about going to bed.  I boiled some eggs for tuna salad later – they are in the refrigerator cooling off.  I made coffee but it didn’t turn out well.  I put five cups of water in which yielded not even 3 cups of coffee.  Added additional water and got a little more but not much – it seems the water is being turned into steam or something.

WordPress made me download the new Internet Explorer – I hope it gets rid of the little problems I had with the other one without adding new problems.

I am reading a book called “The Return” by Bentley Little.  I thought for sure I had to be at least halfway through the story by now but found I’m only 25% through it.  Obviously I won’t be finishing it today.  It is just strange enough that I hope it doesn’t give me nightmares.  Ugh.

Hope everyone has a good afternoon.


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