Writing and Reading

I started out writing when I got up from my five hours of sleep.  Have been writing something every day which is a great change from not writing at all.  So far it hasn’t been much – I’ve revised a few stories and wrote a couple chapters in two different ones.  Wrote a short story and plan on writing another sometime when I’m not so damn tired.

After I finished with writing, I started reading on The Return again.  It is a rather creepy book and I’m still not even halfway through.  This kind of perplexes me because the incidents in it seem to be escalating now – I hope that doesn’t mean the book becomes slow and boring later.  I like the book – it is interesting and I love hearing about Indian Lore and artifacts.  I don’t know what is going on yet – I don’t have it all figured out but I think I am slowly putting the pieces together.

The story is about an archeological team that finds Indian ruins in Arizona near the Mongolian Rim (ha, I visited there when in Arizona).  As they come across pottery shards and bones, strange things start happening to their team and then to the town beyond that they visit and then to their families far away.  The more they dig, the weirder the things become and people start to die…well, we assume they die but really they just disappear.  Some of the pieces are sent to museums so then the staff at the various places start having strange things happening to them as well.

Will have to see where it ends up I guess.  I’m going to finish the chapter I’m on and then take a nap before work.


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