Coming Home

On my way home from another long night at work, I found myself viewing Iowa through different eyes.  Everywhere was luscious green vegetation, lovely wild flowers and rolling hills that seemed to go on and on forever.  There was very little traffic out, very few people and nothing really too crappy to deal with.  I liked that.

Sometimes when I get like this, I think it wasn’t such a bad idea to come home – that I could like it here if I would only let myself.  If I became more adventurous – going off to Chicago or north to Milwaukee or even west to Omaha to visit museums and zoos, I would be quite content.  It is not being able to go – not having the money or the time to go that stinks.  I want to go see this stuff but it seems like there is a lot of other things that always are more important or take up my resources.

Maybe I need to continue to work some OT so I can get to go on more trips and what not.  I hate OT but I don’t know – sometimes I think it would be worth it to get to do more things.  The problem is, though, that there are always things that will need done.  This month it was the struts – next month I need ot get at least 2 new tires.  Eventually I will have to get the starter replaced.

Then there are other things like getting my teeth done, getting my eyes done, and helping my son get his done too.  Always, always more stuff.

However, I’m getting off track here.  The fact is – I think Iowa would be a cool place if I could get myself into the right spirit of things.  I don’t know if I will ever get to but one never knows.  There is a lot of good here – just hard to see it sometimes.


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