Dark Water

So three people – a husband, wife and the wife’s sister, all go on a fishing trip in the swamp with a guide.  The swamp flooded due to a hard rain the day before – something the guide informs them is a good thing because there will be more fish.  How that makes more fish, I have no idea.

What it does do is bring an alligator who normally would stick to the waters further out, into the mangrove area where they are fishing.  The alligator capsizes the boat and promptly eats the guide leaving the three tourists alone to fend for themselves.

They argue about whether they should go for the boat or sit and wait for someone to come rescue them.  Let me just say, they choose the wrong thing.  The husband decides that he must get to the boat – the alligator eats him.  The wife decides she will try next and while she doesn’t get eaten, she is mortally wounded.  Finally, to save her sister, the young girl goes for the boat.

She does, of course, make it.  Along the way she kills the alligator and tries to save her sister.  I don’t think her sister makes it – I think, if I remember correctly, she dies from her wounds as the sister is putting her in the boat.

I have to ask myself, for the hundredth time, why do people put themselves in such dangerous situations? They didn’t file a plan or tell anyone where they were going and they went with a guide who didn’t either.  It is never a good idea to go somewhere that only one person knows the way back from.  If going out into the wilds, it is also a great idea to take a satellite phone because you know your cell isn’t going to get good reception.

Couple things not to do – DON’T GO IN THE WATER…its a stupid idea.  Alligators & crocodiles are extremely patient – they can wait for hours without moving.  When you think they are gone, they aren’t – they are more patient than we will ever be.  Second, don’t expect that one person can right a metal boat that holds six people…it won’t happen and even if it does, he will make so much noise that he will draw the attention of the alligator.

Don’t trust the wife to keep a hold of the rope holding the boat in place because when her husband is attacked, she will probably drop it in horror.  Leave it tied to the tree.  If you have to pull on the rope, do it with it still tied to the tree…

The alligator can’t kill two people at once – even the odds up but having several people go into the water.  By the way – an alligator and crocodile can propel themselves over six feet into the air so you probably want to make sure you are higher than that in the tree.  This movie is loosely based on a true story – or so it says.


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