I can talk…

Last night one of the captains came into dispatch to chat.  He noticed the splint I had on my foot and asked me what happened.  Before I could even reply, one of the other dispatchers jumped in to tell him that I pulled my plantars whatever just like he had pulled his.  She went into this long litany of how long it takes to heal, how one injuries it, etc., etc.  She talked for several minutes straight and finally the captain said he was sorry and had to go so he left the room without me even uttering one word!

Later I was going over something with my trainee and she butt in again to explain what I had just explained.  My trainee just shook her head but when we went out to lunch she told me it was a bit annoying to have the other dispatcher interrupting all the time or trying to tell her what she should be doing when I’m right there.  I have to admit, it has been happening more and more.  I suppose I will have to say something to the other dispatcher but it hardly seems worth it now that my trainee is leaving me on Saturday.  I know the other dispatcher is trying to be helpful and is probably feeling alone because she doesn’t get to chat as much with me when I have a trainee.

We went so long between trainees, I forgot how stressful training can be.  It makes me nuts sometimes because I like to do things myself.  Like last night we had a suspect in a theft case but my trainee wasn’t getting him back.  I so wanted to jump in and do it rather than sitting back giving her direction & ideas.  I’m afraid I finally jumped in and took care of it myself – the other dispatcher was getting involved again and I just wanted it over with.  My trainee is very good – she understands and picks things up quickly – however her confidence level is down lower than it should be.  I keep telling her she is doing a great job and she has received no corrective action measures from me because she can usually figure everything out if given the time to do so.  Speed comes with experience.

Had a call from an attorney with the General Attorney’s office today about a call I took 2 years ago.  I was home so couldn’t answer most of the questions and referred several on to my supervisor.  I will have to review the call when I go in tonight and do some research then call the attorney back tomorrow.

Anyway, I haven’t eaten for 12 hours so think I will fix myself something before work.  I have been busy cleaning since I got up – got the living room area vacuumed twice – you wouldn’t believe how much dog and cat hair the vacuum picked up.  My goal is to get it very clean and then maintain it a little better.  I really want to tear out the carpet – might mention that again to the maintenance man to see what he says.  I suppose I should have it professionally cleaned first to see if that makes it better.  I have no idea why they would install drab tan carpet in an apartment – it looked dirty the day they installed it and hasn’t gotten any better.  😦


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