Thoughts from the couch

I’m sitting on the couch staring at my computer trying to think of something to say as Dirty Harry plays on the tv for the second time today.  Hey, that kind of rhymes.

The dogs are in the kitchen chowing down on my breakfast – spaghetti.  You would think that I would lose weight since I hardly eat anything but I don’t.  Made the spaghetti and ate two pieces of garlic bread dipped in the sauce – the dogs got the rest.  Everything tastes so bland to me.

I need to clean my house – why can’t I make myself clean the house? No, I am not depressed – I simply have no desire to clean.  Wish I had a maid service – I would like my place spotless but never get it that way.   Why can’t I get it that way??? There is too much junk in here that is why.  I will be doing an extensive, radical cleaning the next two days.  Everything not used, worn, looked at or enjoyed goes to the dumpster.  I have notebooks and notebooks of stories that I have typed into the computer but can’t seem to let go of – they are going to go.

Then, next month, I am going to start replacing the cheap furniture with nicer stuff that I will find at garage sales and consignment shops.  Want everything to be REAL wood even if that means each piece will be heavier to move around.  I am also going to rent a carpet cleaner and clean the carpets.  I’m tempted to pull part of the carpet out but figure I should wait until I’m ready to get new linoleum for the kitchen.  God, I hate carpet but since I must have it, I’m going to get a better vacuum cleaner.  Wish I had brought mine up from FL – it was a nice one.

Today I miss FL.  I can close my eyes and take a mind trip there – Lido Beach, the hot sun that heats you all the way through, the waves rumbling into shore bringing tidbits for the seagulls to eat.  I can see the pelicans floating just off shore, can see the buoys bouncing as the Gulf surges forth before drawing back to surge again.  On the horizon I can see sailboats with their crisp white sails zipping along, maybe even a shrimping boat with its long arms down.  Fluffy white clouds give brief respite from the burning sun as I sit in my captain’s chair taking it all in.  I usually don’t imagine people – I like having the beach to myself.

When stress invades my calm in reality, I go to the beach in my mind for a while – it is always perfect there.

However, this post is about cleaning so I have to quit straying from the topic.  See, this is why the place never gets cleaned – I stray from the task at hand.  I need to buy a big tree for the corner in my house…do they have trees that don’t need a lot of sunlight?  I could probably rig a plant light near it but I’m not convinced that helps.  Need more plants for outside as well –  seeing my little space out there decorated with hostas and a few solar lights makes me happy.

I want a new couch too – but that will have to wait.  Argh – I hate cleaning.


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