Coffee, tea and me

Have been hooked on Starbucks chi tea lattes – hard not to go get one every day.  I have chi tea at home and mix it in with my coffee grounds to make my own version but it isn’t as good as Starbucks.  I could drink two of these a day but limit myself to every other day.  Well, except for yesterday and today.  LOL

Went for a drive and purposely went the route that would take me by Starbucks so I would have an excuse to stop in.  Got my coffee before going out for a drive to Sharon Center then over by Hills and back up to Coralville.  It was a great, relaxing ride – I sang along to tunes and spent the time enjoying the wildflowers and greenery as I drove on country roads.  It was very peaceful.

Then I hit Coralville and on Hwy 965 I was behind a person who was going 30 in a 55 – all that frustration I had managed to rid myself of on the drive came flooding back.  The person was busy texting so I imagine they didn’t want to go too fast but it was rush hour.  Cars were backed up for over a mile because this person decided to go so slow.  Makes me nuts.  Had another person pull out in front of me when I’m doing 40 mph – I had to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting her in the driver’s side door.  What a stupid bitch.  There were tons of cars coming – I wasn’t the only one – and yet she pulls out and then can’t get her car up to speed.  I hate people.

Got home and took the dogs for another short walk.  They are hating these short walks – the kind we do during the winter months.  We should be going on longer ones and I would like to but my foot starts aching so badly that I have to turn around.  Even now, sitting here, it aches.  I hate this.

Did a spot of cleaning but didn’t get it all done yet again today – bummer.  It doesn’t look bad – I have gotten a lot done – but it isn’t the spic and span I had intended for my days off.  I tell myself that next week I will have three days in a row off – so maybe then if not before.  Yeah, right.

I wanted to go on a short trip but I don’t think I will get to.  I need to help my son with a few things he has going next month – plus it is his birthday – so shouldn’t spend money on myself.  I’m short 8 hours of OT on my timesheet too so will have to add that on for next month.  Pisses me off.  I filled out the damn OT slip and put it in the shift basket like I’m supposed to but still they didn’t get it.  I rarely check my timesheet for accuracy – I assume things get done the way they are supposed to – but now I’m going to start checking all the time and keeping a copy of my OT slips until I am paid for them.  Would so rather trust that my OT slips get to the right people but obviously I can’t anymore.  Makes me wonder how many times I’ve been shorted and didn’t realize it.  Ugh.


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