My maintenance man came over to see me today – I was still in my night-gown as I had just gotten up a few minutes prior to that.  I hate when he comes over and I know he disapproves of my having two dogs and a cat.  He is always cordial but I have heard he gossips behind my back.  He left my place to go right next door so wonder what they talked about.  Ugh.   God only knows and I know I sound paranoid but I see the looks he gives me – they aren’t overly friendly.

He came over to tell me that my landlord said I could move to apartment 19 if I wanted to get away from my current neighbors.  It is still a one-bedroom but has a little patio of sorts.  I told him I didn’t want to move unless it was to a bigger apartment or out of here.  He frowned with disapproval – as if, he was insulted that I didn’t jump at the chance.  Anyway, I am determined not to let him ruin my day – I like the man – I really do – but sometimes he seems so…I don’t know what the word is…crotchety?  He is in his mid-60’s though so I try to make allowances – I wouldn’t want to be his age and have this whole complex to take care of.

He didn’t stay for long – only a few minutes.  He stayed longer next door.  I was uncomfortable in my night-gown – ugh.



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