Elephant webcam

Have been watching my elephants as I read poems and short stories on the internet.  The newest baby elephant was playing in the water – he is so very cute.  He had his older sister babysitting him as he plunged in, came out to shake off, then turn around and plunge back in again.  After several times of this it was easy to see that Sis was getting a little impatient with him but he didn’t seem to notice.

Can’t believe it is 7:00 pm already! Where does the time go? The dogs want to go out again but I am going to make them wait till later.  I have tied them out twice so it isn’t like they haven’t had time outside today.  Baxter is stubborn though – not wanting to waste his pee by going in the grass – oh no, not him! He has to have a bush or tree to pee on or he won’t go – the little shit.  😦


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