The Bear

So I have probably critiqued the movie before but I don’t know so think I’ll just add to it now.  So this stupid group of people decided to take a shortcut into the woods…I know, right? Nothing good ever happens when you take a shortcut into the woods…that is what Hollywood says anyway.

The people are nuts – but what else is new, right? There is always that one person who thinks they are the big shot which in turn brings down the wrath of whatever is going to kill them.   In this case – it is the bear.  Did I mention they get a flat tire and it takes them a very, very long time to change it? OK, I can change a tire in ten to fifteen minutes but apparently it takes these two guys a couple hours.

Then they are so good that they come across a female bear and decide to kill it so the genius who is the “balls” of the group empties his pistol in it.  Of course, what they don’t know is it’s husband is around there somewhere and it is not a happy camper when it sees what they have done.  It decides it needs to avenge it’s mate…yeah, didn’t anyone tell them that bears don’t mate for life? Or that you can’t interpret what the bear is thinking or feeling based on what humans would think or feel?

Of course, as they fight the bear – who happens to disable their car for them – they also dig into their personal demons and work out the conflict between the two brothers that has built up for a long time…then they both get eaten.  Oh well…least they died loving each other.  LOL

The story is stupid – the people are stupid – and I root for the bear.  I already know who lives and dies – I have to say, I disagree with the one that lives but I didn’t write the script.  I don’t recommend this movie – so why am I watching it again? I thought I would give it a second chance but so far it is as stupid as it was the first time.  The bear, of course, stalks them – waiting until they have hope of getting out and then pouncing to kill off another one.  I bet it was in the marines or something…maybe a sniper what with its wild hunting skills.  LOL

When they finally do get the car started and able to go, they sit there and chat for another fifteen minutes or so – giving the bear time to get back to them to disable it again.  People are stupid – I think they’d be more apt to get the hell out of there without paying much attention to where they were going before they would sit and visit.

But oh well…what do I know? I do know I hate all the characters so it doesn’t bother me that they all die…except for the one bossy chick who has no business living – she is the one who complains, demands, whines, acts annoyed, and overall makes you want to feed her cyanide.  Why should she be the one who lives? Of course the second female is the “extra” so she has to die first just to let the others know the bear means business.

The brothers are morons – must be genetic or something.  I don’t know but the movie is too dumb for words.


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