So finally saw this movie and have to say, I need to not listen to critics when deciding on movies.  I don’t listen to the professional critics no matter what but I have to not listen to friends/family who are also critical of movies.  Someone told me that this movie was not worth seeing in the theater – that it was ridiculous and unrealistic.

I liked the movie a lot! It had me on the edge of my seat, biting my lips, and full of tension watching that train run out of control.  I was so worried Denzel would die trying to stop the darn thing.  He didn’t, thank goodness.  I would have hated the movie if he had.  He is such a handsome man and has a great smile.  🙂

The ending was a little anticlimactic but I liked it just the same.  Things don’t always have to end with a big bang – I like that they didn’t crash the train or derail it for cinema effect.  Good movie! I’ve already watched it a second time and was going to watch it a third but decided to let it digest for a while and watch it again tomorrow after work.

I work 7-3 tomorrow – not looking forward to it at all but such is life.  Right now I’m thinking I should go to bed because morning is going to come around very soon – it is 11pm.  However, I don’t feel all that tired.  I admit it, I had three Starbucks coffees today plus one of my own so am a little wired.  Still, think I’ll see about sleeping for a while and then get up around four or five am – that way I’ll get plenty of sleep.  I’m afraid if I wait till 6 am to wake up, I’ll get to work and be grouchy and I have a trainee tomorrow.  🙂


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