Almost time for work

I have to go to work here shortly – even though I feel like I’ve been hit by a runaway train.  Already have had 8 Tylenol and 2 allergy pills today – neither seem to be helping.

Went to my sister’s house for a bit today – she had a family picnic for everyone.  It was nice of her to do and it was nice seeing everyone – wish I had felt better for it though.  Was so tired and dealing with this blasted headache that it was hard to visit or want to do anything but come home to bed.

Got home around 3 pm – was in bed by 3:30 but couldn’t sleep.  My neighbor’s damn car alarm keeps going off and they aren’t home to stop it.  Then when I tried to ignore it, others in the complex came over ringing my door bell to ask me if the car alarm was bothering me as much as it was them.  One lady told me every time she tried to drift off to sleep, the alarm would go off again.  I told her I could sympathize because I was trying to sleep myself.  She said she was going to report it to the landlord tomorrow – I told her to knock herself out but that I didn’t think that will do any good.

So I ended up getting about 90 minutes (maybe) of sleep and now it is time to head off to work.  It puts me in a pissy mood which isn’t good when I have a trainee again.  Thursday can’t get here fast enough.  I’ve decided to try to at least hit the Blank Park Zoo on one of my days off – maybe I can convince my son to go with me.  Of course, it depends on how I feel by then.  Why can’t I be rich so I never had to work again???

Took the mutts for a short walk and now both are sacked out again.  I am slightly sunburnt from being outside today in the heat.  Really from about 6 pm on is my favorite time of the day for being outside – it is a bit cooler, less bugs and quieter as people start winding down for the day.  You can bet I’ll be doing the 3 am walks with the dogs on my days off – I love those.

Guess I need to go – have to be there in an hour and should stop for some food for later since I’m not hungry now.  Thanks, Marge, for having me over! You and Rick did an awesome job as hostess and host as usual.


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