Well, justice was not found for little Caylee today.  Casey walks free and while she may see this as a victory, karma is a bitch – something her family and the juror’s will no doubt find out.  I would say, what do you expect from Florida? It is the land where an election was screwed up so a moron can keep his seat in the White House…it is a land where the EPA approves a dumping permit that allows hundreds of gallons of environmentally unfriendly chemicals pumped into the Gulf…it is a land where murderers get off free.

I will never agree with the verdict nor the people who could stand there and deliver it.  Nor will I ever agree with the people who get on the internet spouting stupid excuses like “lack of physical evidence” – they are entitled to their opinion.  People who know me personally will understand the immense restraint I am exercising right now because I am livid.

I hope the Anthony family and the jurors who came up with this verdict all get what is coming to them – ten fold.


4 thoughts on “Caylee

  1. Yeah, I prefer good old fashioned vigilante justice. If God was taking care of something – it should have been Caylee.

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