Don’t know, not so sure I even care

It is after 10 am and I am trying to decide what I am going to do with this day.  I don’t want to go to bed because I want to sleep tonight so I can have my three days of being up during the day.  My eyes are getting blurry though so I need to take my contacts out and wear my glasses for a while.

Downloaded all my ebooks to my laptop so I would have a backup to my Nook.  Yesterday my Nook ran out of juice as I entered the last chapter so I was not happy about that.  By the time I had everything downloaded my Nook at power again so I finished reading the book on it.  I do so love my Nook.

Wish I had something new and exciting to share but I don’t.  I’m tired and a bit grumpy.  I’m watching this movie called “Wyvren” – it is stupid but entertaining.  This guy thinks he is rambo in a semi – very silly.  Have to laugh at him – like he is a macho man because he drives an 18 wheeler.  LOL.  Wow…how dumb is that!

Oh well – life is good, life is great.


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