Fish Tank cleaned

Cleaned the fish tank around 3 am this morning.  I’m glancing over at it now and it looks so crystal clear – love it.  I want another one – bigger.  The next one has to have more fish though – watching the two swim around in the 10 gallon one isn’t as exciting as the one my son has – it is 55 gallons and houses a lot of fish.

Wanted to go to a movie today but seriously can’t find one I would even begin to want to spend money on – how sad is that?  This stinks.  I have three days off and wanted to go to a movie as I haven’t been to one for a while but no, I can’t even do that.  Should go to the zoo I guess but it is a ways away and I’m not sure I want to go there by myself.  Besides, it is kind of humid out too and that doesn’t sound like fun.

My son and I spent time together yesterday – neither of us felt that great but couldn’t tell if it was the chicken sandwiches we ate from the chicken place in the mall or what.  He has a lot going on now in his life – I hate when he wants things to be better and I can’t help him with that.

Hate this crap – want to do something fun on my days off.


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