Baxter is staring

Baxter is sitting across the room on the floor, staring at me.  It is his way of letting me know that I am messing with his timetable.  He likes his routines each day and seems quite indignant when I don’t follow procedure.  If I stop glancing at him, he will move to a new spot so he stays in my line of vision at all times.  Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is downright annoying.

I know he is thinking that I’ve been up for almost two hours now but have failed to take him for his morning walk.  He has been outside already but he wasn’t walked which is what he expects.  He won’t go potty if I let him out on the tie-out – he wants to be walked to spread his pee scent over the neighborhood, not waste it in our little yard.

If he deems I’m not paying attention to him, he will come over and flop on my feet, then digs his nails in as if to say “get moving or else”.  Today, I’m afraid, it irritates me more than usual.  I plan on taking him for a walk but want a chance to get over this headache before going out in the bright sunlight.

I gave him treats but this has not appeased him – yes, he ate the treats but he still sits there waiting…and staring.  It makes me wish, once again, that I had a fenced in yard to put him out in.  I want one of those expandable fences that can be nestled up small against the building or pulled out to be a fenced yard area for the dogs.  Do they make such a thing? Cuz I would have to take it down after each use so it wasn’t in the way of the maintenance guy’s mowing.

It is not that I am lazy – I plan on taking them for a long walk later – but it is damn bright outside.  My headache goes from behind my eyeballs, down the back of my head, into my neck and then between my shoulder blades.  I would need very dark sunglasses to keep the sun from making it worse – I don’t have any.

On another note, I hope to trim Baxter up today and then give them both baths.  Then tomorrow I will put on the new flea medicine and hope that helps them with their scratching issues.  I haven’t seen a flea for a while now but they must still be around.

Damn, my head hurts.


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