Dumb Dream!!

I have to say, this dream was so VIVID that I woke up in shock that I had it.  Did someone else’s dream crawl into my head while I was sleeping? Because there is NOTHING in this dream that I would ever even consider doing.

In my dream I am younger – probably twenties or early thirties.  For whatever reason, I am going to Jakarta the next day so the dream started with me sleeping.  Someone slipped into bed with me and in a dreamy state, we made love – tender, passionate love.  When I awoke (in the dream still) I realized the man beside me was my best friend who I had never had a single spark of attraction to in all the years I had known him.  I was touched by his gentle face as he slept.  He was also the person I was going to Jakarta with.

Next thing I know I’m on the airplane touching down in a foreign city knowing only my best friend.  It is very confusing because people are speaking another language and I understand so little.  I’m jostled around as we make it to his parents house where I meet them and they are so sweet to me.  Anyway, I am given a bowl with a square, funny looking dumpling like thing in it.  The father and mother encourage me to take a bite of it while my best friend tells me not to.  I am torn between not wanting to seem hospitable and believing my friend that I should not eat it.

The warning look my friend gave me won out and I refused the bowl as graciously as I could.  Instead of being angry or insulted, both parents beamed at me – apparently it was some sort of a test on whether I would make a good wife for their son.  I laughed at that but then realized everyone around me was totally serious – our wedding was supposed to happen in the next few days.  I turn to my friend, he puts his arms around me and I woke up.  Very strange.

Wow, no idea where that dream came from.  Jakarta is over in Indonesia and I have no desire whatsoever to visit the place.  I haven’t watched or read anything lately that relates to this dream in any way.  I finished Midnight this morning but it is about people being changed into wolf-like creatures…nothing about any of the above.  When I woke up, I had a very intense headache – felt like I couldn’t breath or move my head.  Now, an hour later, the headache is starting to ease a bit.

I hate stupid dreams that I can’t find the basis for.


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