Elephants at the zoo

Why do I love watching the elephants at the zoo? They don’t fit my usual profile of animals I find fascinating – the predators.  I’m really not sure why these gentle giants have piqued my interest but they have.  I find myself relaxing the most when I am watching them over the big cats and bears.  That isn’t to say I prefer watching the elephants over the others – it is just more relaxing to do so.

The elephants have added several babies to their herd since I started watching them over a year ago.  I watch them learn to play, pick up logs, and swim.  They are adorable and the adult elephants are very protective of them.  As they get a little older, the teenagers are allowed to babysit so the babies get to stray farther from their mom.  It is so cute how some of them will suddenly look around, notice Mom isn’t nearby, and take off running for her – their little trunks swinging wildly from side to side or up and down.

My polar bears are not out yet and the lions camera is zoomed in to the base of a tree where I assume a lion was sitting at one time.  Thus the elephants are on my viewing schedule for today.  One of these days I am going to get my computer hooked up to my tv and put all the cameras up so I can watch them simultaneously while listening to music.  Right now I have music playing with a slideshow of photos I’ve taken or acquired over the years.  🙂


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