Foot Update

I know you are all sick of hearing it – probably almost as much as I am sick of dealing with it.  My doctor said it would take months to heal – one of my coworkers told me he injured his over a year ago and still can’t run without being in pain.  However, I thought I would be the exception to the rule – I really did.  I thought mine would heal faster and be fine after only a couple weeks – I counted on it.

Took the dogs for a short four-block walk a few minutes ago.  I was limping by the time I got home and my foot is swollen again – this is really getting old.  This is SUMMER time – I need to be out doing stuff, not being hobbled here at home.  Being cooped up indoors is driving me nuts – I hate it.  Yes, I go sit outside but that isn’t much better cuz I’m sitting.  I tried on my rollerblades yesterday to see if they would hurt my foot – they did.  I’m going to scream.

I know I’ve said this before but I used to be so critical of movies where the victim would be running with cut or bruised feet.  They were always falling down, whining, and often end up getting caught by their pursuer.  I would say “I don’t care how much my foot hurt, I wouldn’t stop running as fast as I could”…now I know that isn’t true.  Without healthy feet, the body doesn’t go very far.  What irritates me is when I have to learn lessons first-hand instead of from other people’s mistakes.  Normally I can look at someone and learn from mistakes they have made without having to make them myself but every now and then I have a thick head so Fate decides I need to experience it for myself.

I remember my coworker wearing a cast when he hurt his foot – later he broke an ankle as well so I think he was in a cast for something like four months.  Why did I think mine would go away so quickly? It isn’t like I’m in better shape than him – hell, I am polar opposite of him health wise.

So last night and today I’ve been thinking and have come up with a plan.  Because walking, rollerblading, jogging, elliptical, biking, and swimming are all out until my foot heals – I need to start lifting weights again.  Weights build muscle and we all know muscle heats up the old metabolism – I should have minded Dimitra over a year ago when she told me to do more weights rather than focusing solely on aerobic activity.

I have some weights here at home – little ones but good for repetitions – plus I can do push ups and situps.  Need to get a mat to work on because I hate carpet fibers getting all over me but otherwise I have everything I need to start working out more here at home.  I also still have the gym membership so can go there to lift weights as well.  Oh yes, this seems like the perfect solution and makes me feel better about my foot.  I no longer want to kick it in frustration – I want to baby it so it gets better.

So here I sit – with it wrapped in ice to get the swelling down.  Have to run to the store shortly and should run in to have the oil changed on my car.  I hate to spend the money on either thing but both need done.  Damn, wish this headache would go away – going to have to take some more Tylenol I think.


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