Castles in the Water

OK, I have to admit that I have written so many posts today that I can’t come up with a title anymore.  I have been trying to write a short story all day but it won’t come – I thought if I wrote some posts it would inspire me to do more but guess it didn’t work.

I’m watching this movie called “Maze” which I know I have commented on before because it is as dumb this time as it was before.  You are in the corn maze with your friends playing “hide and seek” in the middle of the night.   Along comes a killer – what his motive is remains unclear throughout the movie – and one of the guys manages to hit the killer and knock him down.  Now, I’m sorry but why would you stop if you know the person just killed several of your friends?  You wouldn’t – you’d keep bashing his brains in until he was down for the count but no, the boy stops long enough for the killer to recover so who gets killed? Dumb.

I don’t know why I watch these stupid movies – they are really dumb.  The main chick does the same thing – she gets the killer down and knocked out but then leaves him to get up and find her again.  What a moron.  Then she sits down to cry about her boyfriend which means the killer has plenty of time to catch up to her.  I hate stupid people.  Oh, she takes the guy’s knife but then throws it away once she is away from him – I can’t stand the asinine-ness of it all.  Yeah, I don’t know if that is a word but it makes me nuts just the same.

If I remember correctly, the killer is an off duty police officer who happens to decide to go on a killing spree that night.  But oh well – it was something to watch.  There were other people standing around the maze and no one heard the screams.  Oh yeah – it is an officer because it ends in the police station when the killer cop, Eric, comes back to work.  One more thing – if you confront the killer cop & he knocks you out, then upon regaining consciousness, you find your handcuffs undone and a gun in your hand…be SMART and check to see that the damn thing is loaded.  It does no good to aim it at someone if you don’t have bullets.  Duh.


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