Stupid as usual

I’m watching this movie called “Something Beneath” which is acdtually very stupid….more than stupid…it is assinine.  I don’t think I can finish watching it because it is just too dumb.  The movie is about a hotel that is built over something weird – a fluid substance.  The fluid substance, if it gets on you, makes everyone’s worst nightmare come true and they die.It is way dumb because people are transported all over the place to be killed.

I was watching another movie – 7 Mummies – but it was too stupid for words as well.  The chick on the front of “Something Beneath” isn’t even in the movie.

It is almost 7pm – I have to be in bed by 7:30 if I want to get two more hours of sleep before work tonight.  I was up 23 hours straight so trying to get by on only 4 hours is not a good idea.  I put “bear” back on – I have to say, it is stupid as well.  Why does it take hours to change a tire? If you hear something growling in the woods, why would you go out to investigate? Does that make any sense? No! If your car is ready to go then get back in it and drive off…why be a moron? It is very dumb.

Have something in my eye – I think it is Roundup from when I was doing the flower bed – I washed my hands like four times but something is still burning the eye.

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