I am disgusted with Netflix.  They are upping their rates to ungodly amounts – it is ridiculous!!! For 3 DVD’s with blu rays and unlimited streaming they want $31 a month.  I’m sorry, that is very stupid and I refuse to pay it.  I can go to redbox for $1 a movie whenever I want a movie not available for streaming.  I think I’m going to have to stop watching tv again anyway.  I wasn’t watching it hardly at all throughout the spring but now watch it a lot again out of boredom.

I’ve lowered my membership to unlimited streaming only which is $8 a month – guess I am saving money but I have to say – I may end up dropping them altogether.  There are other video places out there – Blockbuster, for one.  I know that movie places are trying to get away from DVD’s but not everything I want to watch is available for streaming so that irritates me.

My son feels streaming it the way to go – the wave of the future.  I suppose he is right but I like owning the DVDs.  I don’t know – whatever.


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